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The server concept is like

If you want to make bread you have to buy wheat flour , water ,eggs all by your self in different shops and you have to mix in a certain proportion and bake it all by yourself to make a single unit of bread .

This is how conventional websites work.

Now coming to serverless

But now a days you can outsource your bread making to a 3rd party guy .

What he does is he will take your recipe right from scratch and he will make your bread and you can label it and sell it as your own brand .

The advantage is if someone orders a million units , all you have to do is just give the contractor a call and he will take care of the rest .

Recepie(your backend code) is yours and serverless contractor will help you take care of the job better .You don't have to worry about how he does the job or whether he finishes it or not . He will do the rest

You only have to pay for number of units of the bread you ordered.

That is the concept of serverless

You write your code , upload it to a site(aws , google , azure etc..) , but unlike conventional methods you don't have to worry about constant maintenance or minimum fees to keep the serverspace online . They will take care about the scaling and running the code . All you have to do is write good code


Wow, Thank you, Aswath I like how you used the bread analogy simplified everything. I now know what serverless means even without thinking about it. :)

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