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Hello everybody, I'm Andrea Stagi from Italy, CTO @ Lotrèk Digital Agency!

I'm here to share my knowledge about frontend and backend development! My main interests are Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Angular, Python, Django, Docker, K8S, TDD, Redis and PostgreSQL.

I love open source and I'm still writing and open a lot of code, you can check my Github profile at github.com/astagi . My open source activity started 9 years ago and includes projects such as Emesene (github.com/emesene), an instant messenger client supporting various IM services, Turpial (github.com/Turpial) a Twitter client written in Python, Taiga.io (github.com/taigaio) an Agile project management platform and Nanpy (github.com/nanpy) a library to make programmers' life easier allowing to use Arduino as a slave, controlled by a master device where you run Python scripts, such as a Raspberry Pi. I also opened a lot of useful libraries with my agency, check them out github.com/lotrekagency

Happy coding!

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