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Discussion on: Unpopular opinion? I don't do puzzle coding tests.

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Patrice Gauthier

It's like making a surgeon do a test on the Operation game from 80s. He could be excelling at that or fail, in both cases it won't be the actual working conditions.
I think it's better to ask main feature of the targeted language. I once interviewed a programmer and he didn't know really what was Javascript promises. If he already did know that then I would have asked question of internals (event loop, garbage collection, etc.) That's way more accurate than asking him to do an algo question.
Not every developers do need to produce very performant code and it's not making them less good.
Nowadays also if performance matters, the solution might be outside of micro optimizing a few lines to maybe use like Rust or maybe the solution is to use gRPC for a faster network throughput, etc.
A good dev learns quick.