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Discussion on: Slack Has A New Face

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Ali Spittel

I much prefer this:

But, I understand their justification for the rebrand after reading their blog post about it. Interesting to go in such a different direction!

emgodev profile image

This is exactly what I thought of too. Still not a fan of the extra white space outlining the elements, if they were thicker I think it would be even stronger.

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Aftar Fadilah

This logo still have slack identity as a # and also make the brand more modern following the material trends.

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John Forstmeier Author

I actually really like that version better; the one they went with is a bit too unfamiliar.

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Beautus S Gumede

I read the blog post before I saw this design. And I feel like THIS design does exactly what they wanted to achieve ๐Ÿคจ

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