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Hey! These are great thoughts. Totally agree — would also check out AirBnB’s CSS style guide — it’s great.

  1. I’ve never worked on a team with a full time designer! I would agree though, that hamburgers and full screen layouts are usuallly the way to go.

  2. Definitely depends on the design, but I use fr’s a lot. Super helpful for a lot of layouts.

  3. I normally make them once something looks weird. So once text is overlapping or something, I’ll add another mediaquery. I would also look up the sizes of popular devices and make sure your work looks great there.

  4. Normally CSS animations are more efficient than JS ones, but really complex ones can only be done in JS. Transforms specifically go to the GPU which makes them super smooth.

  5. Bem is still a thing a lot of people like and use! I would say SCSS has the market share for preprocessers. Would go in that direction. I use it if it’s easy to set up for the project, if not, it’s not enough of a game changer for me to get it working.


I have heard a lot about the AirBnB style guide. And before today BEM seemed just like 1 of 10 million ways to do CSS when I heard about it 2 years ago (and strangely verbose to me), but on another look it seems like a really significant method of component-based styling and also a way to avoid overriding/conflicting styles. I have to go re-read the thing with fr's as far as I understand they do tracking/dividing. laughs nervously

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