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Solved last night, refactored this morning! Actually pretty proud of this. Python solution:

import re

with open('input.txt', 'r') as f:
    data = []
    for line in f:
        nums = [int(n) for n in re.findall(r'\d+', line)]
        data.append({'id': nums[0], 'coordinates': [nums[1], nums[2]], 'dimensions': [nums[3], nums[4]]})

def get_coordinates(coordinates, dimensions):
    for x in range(dimensions[0]):
        for y in range(dimensions[1]):
            yield str(x + coordinates[0]) + "," + str(y + coordinates[1])

def get_overlaps(data):
    overlaps = set()
    filled = set()
    for line in data:
        for coord in get_coordinates(line['coordinates'], line['dimensions']):
            if coord in filled:
    return overlaps

def no_overlaps(coordinates, dimensions, overlaps):
    for coord in get_coordinates(coordinates, dimensions):
        if coord in overlaps: 
            return False
    return True

def find_no_overlaps(data, overlaps):
    for line in data:
        if no_overlaps(line['coordinates'], line['dimensions'], overlaps):
            return line['id']

overlaps = get_overlaps(data)
# Q1

# Q2
print(find_no_overlaps(data, overlaps))

I love how clean this solution is!


Thank you so much -- that means a lot (I've been super sad this morning because somebody was mean about my solution on Twitter).

🙄People can be the worst sometimes. Sorry you had to deal with that.

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