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Thanks for sharing! Wow are the comments toxic over there -- I haven't done much on Reddit but I wanted to see the discussion since its doing well. The attitudes are insane!


Yes, some comments really surprising in their toxicity. From my point of view, you have written an excellent article very useful for aspiring developers.


Yes, take a look. Your thread that I shared is the top trending thread on Programming subreddit. Almost 90k views and 350 comments. Insane. I lobe both and Reddit.


I agree with a lot of points in your post, but the top comment on r/programming for this article, though bearing a toxic undertone, is a really good advice

Tip #0: Don't take anyone else's advice too seriously. Most people give advice to validate their own choices and do not really take into account others' experiences, values, and struggles.

... with a huge emphasis on too seriously!

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