Building a MarkDown Reader in Electron

Ali Spittel on January 30, 2018

Ever since it came out, I've been interested in Electron because it allows you to write desktop apps in JavaScript. This allows you to use all th... [Read Full]
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Very good post !

To package your app for distribution, you could use electron-builder or electron-packager. ☺️
I use the first one and its amazingly useful ! It certainly will ask you to change your file structure a little but trust me, it worth it if you want to distribute an app. 😉


I have a question.

The educational side is nice, but...

For something as simple as that, why not build a real desktop software made for that and not an embedded webapp ported to desktop ?

Code wouldn't really be harder and the overall performance and stability of the system would be much greater, while, for something as simple as that, keeping a very low level of maintainability.


I think because it's so simple you shouldn't have to go learning Objective C and Cocoa or C# if you're writing Windows apps. If there was more to it, sure, I could see whipping up something in ObjC or C#. But both of those languages require a bit more overhead and ObjC is notoriously a pain to work with. So I think choosing Electron for such a simple app makes sense.


If anyone have to try out Electron and use VueJs for your framework of choice. Take a look on quasar framework.

Quasar electron is an amazing project and have a lot of components to use to build a awesome apps with or without electron.

I'll use on my main company app without fear!

Thanks for share your view on electron, I'm more excited than ever to put my hands on this! hahaha


Now this makes me want to try Electron and probably build something like . it's your fault ;)

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