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I love JavaScript technologies and building APIs.

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13+ 🤩 amazing 🤩 tips for writing ✅ listicles ✅ [don't be mad that you didn't know them before!]

😂 aight I wont spoil it

How to Redo or Undo in Adobe Photoshop- A Basic Guide

Hey thanks for taking your time writing this but people'd nat...

Do you use Magic links?

I think using a provider that already has hardened security i...

JavaScript-HTML Link

Buddy, can you tell me the name of the font used in the cover...

How I reduced the runtime of an RSpec test suite by 15%

thanks to you.

Creating customized Utility and Components classes in TailwindCSS

You can type the language (html, scss) name immdediately afte...

Tech or something else?

Strictly speaking, not so much, this is a place for devs. Her...

Caching in NodeJS with Redis

Write the language name immediately after the three backticks...

7 Fullstack Projects You Need to Make in 2021

I think the best one on this list is probably a zoom clone or...

Create your own YouTube Video Downloader using Youtube_dl & Django

you can write the language name after the three backticks to ...

5 JavaScript "tips" that might bite you back.


Save Money and Frustration on Amazon using Azure Functions

ig more ppl will read if the title is better

Save Money and Frustration on Amazon using Azure Functions

olly cow!

What is your one most favorite website on the internet❤️?

dang, i just found one of my other favorites

Best domain for student developer?

ye he is still making it, neither the desktop version is comp...

Best domain for student developer?

whoa i didn't know that is a thing

Best domain for student developer?

yea if not constrained by the limitations, the exte...

Best domain for student developer?

eh xyz looks ugly. He should go for one of those 2/3/5 dollar...

50 free tools and resources you're gonna love (Part 2)


Do you prefer TypeScript over vanilla JS?

I've heard the its very hard to find people who once migrated...

What would you be if you were not in the tech industry?


How to Force www or non-www in htaccess File

lmao i thought you asked for help. so I came to help. and ...

What Refresh Rate display is good for gaming?

Some mod might remove it anyway. Specially because recently t...

What Refresh Rate display is good for gaming?

Umm.. I think you posted this in the wrong place buddy



How to reduce the file size of Tailwind CSS using PurgeCSS?

nice 2

I spent all day...

Glad you found the culprit. This happened to me few times too...

What type of computer do Linux Developers use?


Node.js - Best Practices

For others really looking for best practices, here

Node.js - Best Practices

I was curious if he mistakenly posted early, draft or somethi...

Top Javascript Maps API and Libraries

Quite a big list you made buddy. cheers!

I informed my boss that three different companies were pursuing me

bruh XD

Get Waifu on terminal

lmao never thought this exist

Boost Page Speed By Using Only A CSS Property!

Thanks for bringing it up. Unfortunately long way to make it ...

Fast way to enable CORS in Flask servers


Visual Studio Code Extensions, not just the "Must have top 10..."

Quite a list buddy. Some of these I didn't even knew is there...

showDEV - A place to share personal and open-source coding projects!

The Github Oauth is requiring me to provide permissions such ...

Impostor Syndrome: The Biggest Enemy to Your Progress is Your Ego

I had this issue for really long. Literally everything i did....

How Did I learn React in 10 months

I came from the java world and you know the oracle docs. Then...

Junior Developers Checklist for Landing a Remote Job

This article looks a good one for lazy ass devs like me. Bu...

Pub/Sub model vs Task Queues

No, It isn't about mine but about recovering when they happen...

Pub/Sub model vs Task Queues

ah. reducing chances of application and it's processor's cras...

Pub/Sub model vs Task Queues

that's definitely good to use third party services like sqs q...

PokeAPI REST in NodeJS with Express, Typescript, MongoDB and Docker — Part 3

You didn't encounter typescript's annoying type errors when u...

Bulletproof node.js project architecture 🛡️

Why do we need two different api and services folder? The sub...

Instant Webpages and Terabytes of Data Savings Through the Magic of Service Workers ✨

Ben, I have a question. Why there's no css/js and other sta...

Event Source Interface, an unidirectional alternative to Sockets in JavaScript

Note that the EventSource API isn't supported in any versio...

Reflection on Working effectively with legacy code — Part I

I'm like keep changing and updating things until I hit crit...

6 Tips to Succeed as a New Hire


Ping to (ASIA -> NYC) is faster than reasonable

I know they use cloudnary along with fastly. After inspecti...

Why do you need to add a meta viewport tag inside <head> element? (with example)

Bruh, the image was appealing. So clicked. But can't just g...

Why you should probably switch to Azure App Service

hmm.. Azure!!

Desenvolvimento não é apenas sobre código

Somebody has an English version?

Talent Call: All Developers! :)

Chime In, good name tho

Talent Call: All Developers! :)

Talent Call: All Devs :/