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A Journey: Landing to my dream job

asiddharth94 profile image asiddharth94 Updated on ・3 min read

It all I started when I didn't write a single line of code in 2 weeks. Yes, that's true. I was working as an Angular developer (yep; I jumped straight to the framework without the JS basics, BIGGEST MISTAKE) at a firm from eight months. At a point, I got unhappy with the fact that I'm not doing much (tbh, I was getting paid for doing something that could be done in a day). I won't lie. At first, I thought I'm lucky that I'm getting a decent pay at the month-end without doing much or feeling any work pressure. But later (thankfully), I decided I just cannot advance my career like this.

Next thing, I had to come up with a plan. Before I even begin, let me rephrase what has already been told:

BUILD THINGS. START BUILDING THINGS. Just watching tutorials won't help. Tutorials are necessary (I've seen hundreds of videos infact that's how I mostly learn), but do not just watch it. CODE. CODE. CODE.

So, I made a plan. First, I'll learn the basics and follow along the tutorials and will then become a Web Dev Ninja(hope you could feel me). I bought some basic to intermediate level courses, plus some YouTube content. And guess what, I was stuck in the famous 'tutorial hell'. I wasted 3-4 months of my time. This is why, if you are reading this, I really do not want you to make this mistake. I'll repeat. CODE. BUILD THINGS.

To get out of it, I made a promise to myself that I won't watch a single video until I build something from what I've already learned. Like many, I couldn't find what to build?
What I did was, I started picking up random websites with awesome UI/UX and started designing the same, with HTML & CSS(Do this. Believe me. You will learn a lot. A LOT.), no functionality at all, only the UI. Then entered in my life - FREECODECAMP. Perfect time! I did the "Responsive Web Design" within 3-4 days(skipped the accessibility part😛, I did that later). Once I felt comfortable with these, I moved to JavaScript.

I started coding but I missed one thing, CONSISTENCY. I was not dedicating a fixed amount of time everyday.

That was when I decided, I'd sign up for the 100DaysOfCode challenge. And it's really awesome when you start getting things, right? I really enjoyed that phase. Everyday was a challenge. I loved what I was doing. I even did my first AWS certification besides preparing for my next job. (I'd suggest all to learn cloud, it's awesome).

One last thing , never be afraid of rejection. Go to an interview. You'll definitely learn a thing or two and even if you get rejected, remember, those experiences will help you. I got rejected five times before I got my job.🤓

So, after around 10-11 months of preparation, I finally landed a job at a product based org as a Javascript developer. The place is awesome. The work is awesome (and, I'm getting paid much more😛)

And once again, I'd definitely thank the awesome dev community and all the content creators.



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