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Ashutosh Mishra
Ashutosh Mishra

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Day 2/100 - I finished Profile card component - #100daysOfCode

Hi guys, welcome to my 2nd dev post and review of my 2nd day of 100 days of code. I didn't get much time today to code as I was busy.

But however, I have finished and submitted my first project on

I had already finished the desktop version yesterday and mobile version is ready and submitted today.

screenshot of mobile version of my project.

You can check the GitHub repository of the project from here.

You can also check the project live here.

My lack of experience is clearly evident from the project. The design is not fully responsive.

It's made for only 1440px and 375px screens.

Also the final solution is not matching the designs completely.

It's something on which I will work on my future projects.

This project uses HTML, CSS, Flexbox, and media queries.

Nothing more to say today.

If you read this post till end. Share your thoughts on the project.

Thank You!
Happy Coding!

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