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Automating job application


I've been applying to lot of jobs lately in the specific geography but failing to so because of lots of manual work. I'm hardly able to apply to 3-4 jobs daily.

Is there a tool to automate this? Any open-source initiatives?

It would be great if you help me in the same I've tried loopcv but doesn't seems of much help.

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Ashutosh Anand Author

Thanks Joe.

Yes, the problem is the job description of each job is different and is quite difficult to automate that. The idea behind this is to analyse the existing job requirements to apply for frame appropriate sentences for it and accordingly apply for the job.

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Joe Steinbring

The problem is that your CV/Resume and your cover letter really need to be tailored to the job. Before your resume gets to the hiring manager, HR is going to go through your submission and compare it against the "required" and "nice to have" items from the job posting. If you don't hit all of the "required" items, your resume might not get beyond HR. In order to automate this, you would need a way to scrape the posting, analyze the requirements, determine what they mean, and then rewrite your submission based upon that. It's more work than it is worth.

I would look for ways to "flip the script", instead. If you can find a way for potential employers to come to you, you can cut down on applications. Make sure that you have a linkedin account, a github account, and an account here to make sure that you are as visible as possible. See if there are relevant meetup groups in your area that you can frequent. (My local JavaScript group got free space and food from a company that was actively recruiting members.) Look for services like Indeed, where you can post your resume (so that recruiters see who you are, more readily). You might even want to talk to a third-party headhunter. Talking to a third-party headhunter is how I ended up in my current job.

Good luck. :)