How did you plan your #100DaysOfCode?

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I'm joining the #100DaysOfCode challenge next Monday, July 1st! There are a lot of things I want to try out and want to spend a little time outside of work doing it. So, if you've done the challenge, how did you do it? Did you plan it out in chunks?

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During my first round, I signed up for a lot of the e-mail coding challenges (i.e. Daily CSS Images, 30 Days, 30 Sites) then just did a bunch of those. I'm doing my second round now and this time I'm focusing on skills I feel I'm the weakest at. So I'm making an effort to work languages and frameworks I'm uncomfortable with such as Bootstrap and JavaScript.

What works for me right now is breaking up the hour requirement into two 30 minute sessions. I work on Free Code Camp projects in one 30 minute session then take a break. When the break is over, I spend 30 minutes working on a different project.


Honestly I did it without any pressure (except when I started), I wanted to learn Vue.js and React.js and I did some fun projects, contribute to some and a lot of experimenting. The main goal was to have fun and to learn as much as I could !
I did skip some days (days without coding) but I was reading documentation instead so it was still "productive", I put too much pressure on me the first months but I think it's okay to skip some days as long as you are motivated and still learning things !

Enjoy your journey !


I've been planning on starting the #100DaysOfCode challenge as well. Mainly because I want to start learning Swift a bit more hands on. Now that I got a job as a front-end dev / UX Engineer, I want to learn iOS (I guess now it's full on Apple eco-system) development because I've heard so many positive things about it. I don't really have a plan, I started a course on Swift recently and I kind of want to speed things up from there. There's a list of project ideas floating around that I think would be kind of cool to create. Spend an hour each day working on a project like that:


I work in an Γ‘rea of support for bugs. I code everyday, but when i finally have free time, start coding for fun.

Sorry for my english. I from MΓ©xico.

I did this one above. How I went about it was on top of submitting them I would send the finished product to my now wife and a close friend. If I did not send one they would be asking where it is every single day.

This worked out well for me.


I'm doing a month of #LearningInPublic in July.

Figured I'd use this DevOps roadmap and try to fill in the gaps between my college education and what I've learned on the job over the last few years.

This month, that's going to be automating little things every day with Bash and GoLang to save my team little bits of time here and there. No structure, really - just writing up bits about what I learn at work.

The month after that is going to be Kubernetes month. That one will definitely need a little more structure.


I've done the #100DaysOfCode challenge twice now (currently in my second round but taking many breaks). I just wrote down some things I wanted to achieve by the end and went for it. I'm not strictly following it though, I'm constantly finding new courses and new projects I want to do.
Best of luck :) I suggest tweeting out your progress daily to stay motivated or even making a repo for this purpose.


As an aside, I really love these tutorials if you're looking for something artsy:


Do you need a plan? Honest question. I think that getting the most out of something is partly throwing caution to the wind. Jump in headfirst 😁


I think just start with something you really want to learn on that challenge? Like for me when I started ( tho I haven't finish it yet ) I focused learning React framework and APIs that goes with it. Have a One goal I guess.


Honestly, not well at all. If and when I do 100 days of code again, I'm going to try and have goals that are measurable and achievable in that time frame.


Hi. I will be starting tomorrow and I don't have a plan yet. Maybe I will be creating a mobile app project and learn new stuff.

So yeah. Good luck to us and enjoy!

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