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Building A Reddit Bot Using Python & Selenium

Ashish Nair
Hey, I develop software for Python and Android.
Originally published at Medium ・1 min read

"The Age of Automation will be the age of Do it Yourself"- Marshall McLuhan

Have you ever tried sharing a post to your friend on Reddit using it's DM? If you have then you know how cumbersome the process of sharing the posts via DM is, I mean you got to first copy the link of the post that you would like to share and then open the inbox and paste the link you just copied and then FINALLY send it to your friend.

So, One day during one of my expeditions on Reddit, was surfing through posts and I thought why not automate the post sharing on Reddit and that is exactly what I did.

I used Selenium to do this using Python. What this does is it basically detects the new posts that you upvote, from the upvotes section and sends the latest post that you upvote to the person whose username you pass to the program in the beginning.

I have provided the link to my code and my blog down below, do check them out.

It would be great if you could provide feedbacks on my code.

Sharing files on Reddit just got a whole lot simpler.

This bot automates the process of copying and sharing the posts on Reddit's Direct messaging to your friends. This bots logs in to your Reddit account and sends the link to the post you most recently upvoted and keeps refreshing to get the new upvoted posts in Real Time. The bot was built using Selenium.

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