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Ashley Maria

I'm going to give you a big tip: don't put yourself down (you said you know you're younger & less experienced) as an intro because age & experience don't really matter outside of school and you give me a reason not to give you credit for what you do know, not that I'm that kind of person but they're out there. Also, critiques don't mean the reader is annoyed. I apologise if I came off that way, it was unrelated to you if it did come through. I know some things you said were opinion and I didn't mean to sound like I was critiquing those. I got my info from journals, not articles, like what you linked, one is a primary source and one is a secondary and less trustworthy (note: less doesn't mean not) and I do realize that there are papers on both "sides". I also realize there are preferences and I don't hold that against people or I'd never be a good programmer. A part of the reason people might miss info that's not all in the same paragraph is that your tutorial reads more like an article or essay which has a lot of words vs. a more simple walk-through. That, and humans aren't perfect, haha.

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Shadow Scientist Author

Thank you for pointing that, I will be more careful next time. I always welcome critiques because learning isn't limited to a specific age or reputation and as a student, learning is my first and foremost duty. You don't need to apologize to me, we recently discovered how a crowd of developers raise a storm in a cup of tea over Canvas vs WebGL! At least in StackOverflow forums and comments. Healthy debate often results better because both of the parties can learn something from the topic. Also most of the development confusions are solved with discussion and communication.

I agree that articles are secondary source and less trustworthy. But I'm currently familiar with articles and forums and I collect data from that sources. I'll try to follow journals as well. You told that the tutorial reads more like an article or essay which has a lot of words vs. a more simple walk-through and it reminds me a funny incident that happened in my school life.

One day my English teacher told us to write a paragraph on "Community" with minimum 200 words. He announced that it's a surprise test and the best writing would be honoured with special points. So we all tried to write our best and the teacher started to give points. My classmates got their paper back but I didn't get mine. I was tensed.

Soon teacher declared the best writing of the day, and it was mine! He asked me to collect my paper and points. I came in front of his desk and the fun began when teacher wrote "-1"(!) on the paper. 😶

I was surprised and asked my teacher why did he gave -1. He replied with a smile that my paragraph exceeded more than 500 words and it's to large to judge as a simple paragraph. Thus he judged an essay in the exam of a paragraph. 😅

Actually I'm fond of science fiction writings and novels and I love to write them as well. I wrote a few in the past so I thought it'd be better to describe the whole discussion as a story. Thus, old habits die hard. 🙂