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Discussion on: What's the last technical book you read?

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Aschwin Wesselius

Yes, it is utmost necessary to cut through the egomania. But the guy is actually quite humble. He's not talking down to absolutely everyone. He's talking down to the practices of absolutely everyone. And he has all the right to do so, since you hardly can prove him wrong on his practices.

It's just like Ignaz Semmelweis had to endure opposition by reknown doctors for bad practices, in the end he was right.

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George Mauer

Well kinda except you also have statements from Juval (I don't remember if it was in the book or an interview) such as that his method is just about the only software architecture ever done right and even then few people can do it. That's not exactly provably wrong but it's not provably right either, it's just kind of a useless thing to say. He does that a lot and it's a real reason why I think some people can't and won't get into it.

He also has a nasty habit of misstating the position of others. While he doesn't do much as reference domain driven design in the book, he does elsewhere and hit students do as well. Instead he beats around the bush talking about domain modelling and completely butchers the very idea. The whole thing is dumb as DDD ubiquitous language concept is useful regardless, and the rest fits in very nicely within Juval's framework as a way of defining the innards of a component (which honestly is a way better take on the bounded context concept).

Anyways, the book itself has solid ideas if you can push through so I still recommend it.