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I think many people have a lack of motivation and perseverance to finish learning programming. I have many friends of non-programmers who wanted to learn the basics of programming, but most of them studied only a few chapters of a book or a few videos on YouTube.

The lack of self-control is the main enemy in studying.


I would say lack of self-discipline is the biggest enemy in life.


That's true if you are able to set a time of the day to learn and keep the plan, then you are saved :)


... with crappy excuses!

They asked me for help, I spent time to prepare material, find books, etc. Then after a few chapters:

  • "My dog is sick..."
  • "I broke my leg..."
  • "My grandmother dies again..."

Excuses are not a friend of learning, that's true. But if you are motivated and really interested in the subject it should come easy :) That's why it's important to like whatever you are learning and find at least some passion for this.


Self-control and proper motivation is a lot while learning programming! :)

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