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Why writing can make you a better developer?

More and more developers are writing articles, whether on Medium, on their personal blogs or on This new practice, based on sharing knowledge and experience, is a blessing because it allows you to find answers to any type of question in just a few searches.

But, going beyond the simple dynamics of knowledge sharing, how can writing make you a better developer and help you advance in your career?

Communicate better.

The first point I would like to raise is that of communication. The days when developers were portrayed as people cut off from the world, working at night, in the dark, are over. More and more developers are communicating openly about technology and their projects, whether in conferences or online. This evolution puts developers in a bigger picture than just development. They gain a greater say in product design and in all the decisions they may have to make, all through communication.

In addition, the job market is diversifying and technical skills alone no longer provide access to employment. Soft skills are becoming more and more important, and a developer's ability to integrate easily into a team and to communicate with all of the company's entities is of paramount importance.

In itself, writing and sharing therefore allows one to develop communication skills, and thus to have more decision-making power and to better integrate into a corporate environment.

Make development concrete.

In France, a quote from Nicolas Boileau, a well-known author, says: "What is well thought out is clearly stated, and the words to say it come easily".

Writing, when you are a developer, allows you to solve several problems that arise in software development. The first is documentation. Good writing skills will make it easier for you when you have to write documentation on complex subjects.

These writing skills will help you, on the one hand, to put down on paper what is in your brain, and on the other hand, you will have acquired the ability, through writing articles for example, to synthesize and organize your thoughts.

So you can see the writing of articles, on the subjects you want, whether it's about skills transfer or discovering new technologies, as a training for business cases.

To make you known.

Finally, the last point I wanted to mention is your personal brand. Writing will allow you to show people that you are (or are becoming) an expert on technological subjects. If you are rigorous and your content is good, people will start to read you and you will gather a community around you.

Among these people who will read you, you might find someone who will recommend your profile within their company or even your future manager.

Writing will therefore allow you to make yourself known and to share your expertise on one or more subjects and will open up new avenues for the rest of your career.

👋🏻 Thank you for reading me, feel free to tell me in the comments why you started writing as a developer and how it has impacted your career.

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Catchase • Edited on

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Dendi Handian

I write, especially in make me known and for taking note as well to make it permanent in my head.

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Great Dendi! Good luck on your journey.

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Nice post Arthur ! 
At this era of attention, building this community and sharing value with others is a huge plus.
And documenting your own process can be good to write your amazon bestseller autobiography in 10-20years ahah

arthureichelberger profile image

Totally agree with you!
Can't wait to see our books in first position on Amazon in 10 years aha!