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Discussion on: The state of React's state management for me

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Hi Akuma! 👋🏻

Since the useContext and the useReducer hook, I find that the store management libraries are useless. What are your thoughts on this?

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Akuma Isaac Akuma Author

Exactly which why I wrote the post to help others because I noticed a lot of people are still stuck with redux and others

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Jeremie Rodriguez

I understand your position but frankly, I'm on a project that implemented a solution similar to yours, and now that it's grown and become a bigger thing, the in-house solution starts to show its flaws...
As another commented, re-renders became problematic so a memoization layer had to be implemented, and now, as we want to use other stuff like device persisting, we must reinvent the wheel... that's why we plan on refactoring the whole thing to use a library...
Honestly, have a look at Redux Toolkit and you'll see that the most annoying stuff about Redux becomes way easier! 😊