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#1 Dear diary...

Arthur Borges
Coming from an Electrical Engineering background, but loved computers since childhood tech movies. Now I finally made the transition from engineering to software. Oh, and I prefer jewels to snakes!
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Today I'm beginning a new setup on a old laptop. I started trying to turn it on, but faced early with a black screen with some writings. It was a kernel panic because of unknown filesystem. Luckily, I have another system with a working OS that I used to search in StackOverflow for workarounds.

I ended installing Ubuntu 20.04 because I discovered the partition had a corrupted Linux Mint (and nothing that I couldn't abandon) and later I almost installed Manjaro, because Ubuntu wasn't recognizing my old Realtek RT3090 wireless chipset. Glad that I found the instructions to update it in a AskUbuntu answer.

Okay! Now I have a fresh Linux which I can use to dedicate entirely to development.

The next step involved installing Brave browser and Grammarly, so I can focus on writing better English and browse without annoying ads.

So, I started this diary's post number #1. I wanted to update a picture, so I searched for a neat one in Unsplash, from Kelly Sikkema.

But the photo is too large. So I'm going to download GIMP so I can resize it.

Great! I downloaded it, and gone to Image > Scale Image then set width to 4096px to match the cover image limit of

I'm going to finish by today, then I'm going to publish this post and explore more of! By now It has been a great experience!

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