Managing the codebase for a coding platform I wrote in 8 weeks as a highschooler

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For context, DomeCode ( https://domecode.com ) is a platform that I built for people to learn to code, practice, discuss stuff on the Forum, take notes, plan out tasks, even conveniently listen to music right within a single platform.

Since I don't really have any funding for this project yet and I'm still in high school trying to save for university, it's a little hard.

Over these 8 weeks, the codebase transformed from a single Django app to 3 Django apps to 8 Django apps within the platform, and managing it became a little difficult but well, I still need to manage it, right? (P.S. Some of those apps are made open-source on my Github. So I ended up using these technologies for mostly maintaining my code :

  1. CodeScene which is great for predictive analysis for technical debt and risks.
  2. Codebeat for proper code review.
  3. HoneyBadger.io for tracking any errors in the deployment.
  4. LambdaTest to manage inaccuracies in the UI
  5. TravisCI for Continuous Integration
  6. SOFY for automated testing

And I really got to say that using these technologies has for sure made the whole process easier for me to some extent.

One final question though, why does Load-Balancing is charged extra starting at $10/month on DigitalOcean whereas provided by default on AWS Elastic Beanstalk? Since I haven't used Load-Balancers on my application before ( Heroku pre-integrates them ) manually, does one choose their own load balancing technique ( like Round-Robin, Least-Connection, Weighted Round-Robin, etc. ) or is there a fixed technique provided by default in the load balancers that users choose on AWS and Digital Ocean?

Btw, I'm planning on using Celery to make some tasks asynchronous and if anyone's got any warnings or tips about that, please let me know, that'd be a great help.

This is my platform by the way - https://domecode.com :)

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So I am not sure my advice is what you want to hear. I don’t know django or heroku vs aws, etc.

You have 76 users from the leaderboard, and only 8 with domes, whatever that is.

It may be worth looking at growing that user base, before you make a investment with more money.

One of that largest problems to solve for any maker, is when to stop making and instead start selling.

It won’t ever be prefect or complete, but without users it’s not worth maintaining either. If you feel it’s at the point where you are asking for sponsorships, than start getting users.


Well, I agree. Also, Domes are points. There are just 76 users for the most part because I released the alpha version just 4 days ago but just in case the user growth slows which at some point ofc will, how do I plan out my user acquisition strategy?


It’s too early to know what will work.

I think a good start would be to try and get some early feedback. For example, on the design I had to scroll fairly far on my mobile to kinda understand what the site was about.

Get some feedback on design and messaging before you spend too much on acquisition. That being said, I would start by sharing it on places like Dev.to and other areas.

Maybe write some posts on your experiences building it, or how users can use it and what type of skills they can learn.

Then when you start building a audience, and have traffic, then it makes sense to tackle things like load balancing and scale.

Overall it is a very impressive 8 weeks of work. Start collecting feedback and spend your energy on addressing those issues, and figure out what type of marketing activity works.

correct! Plus i also visited the site the design needs to altered, the color schemes are offensive for the eyes. overall good approach.

That could be the case since my screens are retina and 100% true color so when I chose those colors, I only tested on the retina screens so it could be that the colors appear different on other screens. Is it too dark?


Hi Arth,
I saw your work. congratulations. Psst. a small advice, please reconsider the design of your webapp like the colors you chose for the text. they looked aggresive.


Hey, just noticed that you posted a query on DomeCode to delete your account after you created a little insensible issue and I pointed that out.
I've made your account inactive but try to work with rationality since you probably asked me to delete your account cause you got offended.


I made an account on the site to check its working, then I explored other features. I liked the work. Then since I had no prior intent to have a account on democode so I wanted to get my newly created account off of it. I searched for the feature, got none. So posted an issue on the site. By then you hadn't replied on my comment. So keep your assumptions to yourself. I even went to the GitHub to look at the code cause I was interested in the project. But now... BTW I was not offended by any of your replies Arth.

Got it. Except you posted a really bizarre issue on GitHub.

I know Sorry for that. You said in your blog that the code was on github... which was absent. so that came from there.

Yeah turns out I had sensitive information in my private code.


Are the colors for the text too light and the background too dark?