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For art (digital drawing, mostly) and photography (no heavy retouching, more like minor photo corrections), even on Windows I completely switched away from Adobe, mainly because I'm tired of their horrendous UX and unethical practices.

Went with Krita, my fav. drawing software, and Darktable, for photo correction / sorting.

As for MS office, well I don't use anything like so at work, so I've got this side covered.

I went for a plain Arch after running into a few long-running upgrades with Manjaro (my 4+y setup started to have some kernel conflict issues, which I was too lazy to deal with, so I jumped ships), and after using XFCE for a very long time, I ultimately ended up - and stayed - on bspwm (with no status bar whatsoever, only conky and my own project, sinx, for data grabbing).

As feedback about your post, I must say that I did not get this following part, would you mind explaining it a bit further? I understood it as "there's no support", which I'd say is wrong as I'm making JRE8 and JDK14 cohabit right now, with .NET Core 3.0!

Java/.Net: RIP.


Thanks for pointing the java/.net line, what i meant is I'm not using them anymore since i finished my studies and I earlier worked with Kava in ubuntu with no problem, for .net I was mainly using Asp.net and Windows form apps and really didn't know much about .Net Core compatibility! I'll edit ithe post for that 😁

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