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Discussion on: Thoughts on GitHub Actions?

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Aaron Schlesinger

I have high hopes. I've fought with Jenkins, Travis CI, Circle CI, etc... throughout my career, I'm just kinda tired. Each thing has its own good stuff and bad stuff. I seriously just wanna run containers after hooks are fired. CircleCI and Azure DevOps come closest (sorry for the shameless Azure plug).

Circle is cool b/c it supports any GH org you own, but it uses remote docker daemons that come with some weird limitations, and that config file - all that YAML!

DevOps is cool because you can run docker compose things. And out of the box, each only run for commits and tags (iirc)

Not really sure if GH actions are good for CI - I'll probably keep existing stuff around (even if it's hacky) because why switch if I already did the work. But all the other stuff you could do! OMG all the other stuff.

Here's some top of my head (some stolen from here):

  • Maybe when a repo is created, an action can automatically create a placeholder website for the project somewhere (S3, Netlify, whatever else...)
  • Maybe when a GH release is made, an action can build a changelog for it
  • ... and tweet it out?
  • ... or write a quick blog post for it

There's probably tons more too. Anyway, I like the flexibility that you can respond to any GH action, and that it's gonna be automatically on for any repo, and that you can do stuff in any language as long as you can do it in a Docker image