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re: Top 10 Tips for Self-taught Software Engineers from 20+ Coffee Chats VIEW POST


Couldn't agree more with no.4. You can learn a great deal on your own terms, but you can only improve leaps and bounds when someone experienced and disinterested is by your side.

We have a small local developer community and almost all speakers we invited stressed on the fact that nowadays it really is not that hard to get a mentor (you can connect at meetups/conferences, reach out on twitter/linkedin etc).

And something else we found particularly important is that devs keep the self-taught mentality for all their careers. If possible :) This is an example from one of our engineers who learned to train their own machine learning model:


I agree, software engineering is a field that keeps evolving and engineers need to keep up with new and relevant technologies! A growth mindset is important to have in this field.

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