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Discussion on: Three ways to use reduce in javascript

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Aron Høyer

Dude calm down. Try to be a bit more constructive. Instead of pointing out people’s mistakes, show how it could be improved and why it’s an improvement. Just telling someone they suck, isn’t helpful, and can impact their self confidence in a bad way. Everyone just does their best with the knowledge they have. Please remember that.

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Roland Csibrei

Sadly, I must agree with Mateusz. Just DO NOT post shitty examples when you are not enough experienced to do so. The quality of this site went shit because of low quality articles written by noobs. Someone should check them prior publishing. No offense dude however. Have a great day!

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Simon Sinding

Friendly community here, that's great!

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Aaron Author

Thanks for the support here Aron and Simon, I am enjoying helping many people starting out with web development and the community has been awesome!

I strive to create working examples and snippets for beginners and am happy for more experienced developers to join in the conversation and suggest improvements.

I am not going to let the negative feedback stop me from continuing to help out other developers, I just hope they don't treat other developers like this in their workplace as I agree it could shatter the confidence of someone in their team to hear this kind of feedback.

Roalnd / Mateusz I will be happy to update my article with a link to your follow up article if you want to contribute to the community and post a better solution here.