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Make your UI better than ever with these Flutter Widgets!

Flutter technology has been becoming a pioneer in the Mobile App Development world for a while now, and the reasons are varied for this amazing technical transformation. However, the prominent reason is its amazing user experience.

Flutter has been built with customizable feature-rich widgets, facilitating a powerful user experience for IOS, Android, and material design.

Apart from that, Flutter has provided a crisp and refined user experience through its profound user experience, and Flutter widgets play a huge role in that.

In this blog, we will be talking about numerous Flutter widgets which can give a high-end experience giving custom experience to every flutter app covering every niche and industry.

Let's see various Flutter Widgets that are pretty popular in the Flutter Developer community to build robust mobile applications.

1. Flutter stateful widget

In Flutter widgets, there are mainly two types of Flutter widgets Stateful Widgets and stateless widgets used in many Flutter applications.

In stateful widgets, there are a few main types that fall under Stateful widgets. Async, Cupertino widget, Accessibility, and Basics are some of Flutter stateful widgets of Flutter stateful widgets.

2. Flutter circle widget

This flutter widget comes quite handy when you need to create circle shape objects. With the help of this widget, the developer can utilize boxDecoration, container, and BoxShape for better results.

3. Flutter line widget

Often you would require to draw a horizontal line for that; you would require a proper widget to get refined results. There are multiple ways, but the flutter line widget proves to be one of the high-performing ways to get the precise output.

4. Flutter list map widget

To build a profound user interface, Flutter utilizes the Dart programming language to get better performance. In order to create a list of widgets from the map with values, Flutter Developers tend to use the flutter List map widget to get the development process smooth and more efficient.

5. Listview widget flutter

In Flutter, Listview is used to pass each callback element without indexing the element, which ultimately requires less effort from the Flutter developer side.

6. Flutter align widget

As the name suggests, for better alignment structure. In simpler terms, it aligns the inner child itself, and optionally it realigns the size based on the child's size.

This widget can get as big as possible as long as the height and width factor is null and the dimensions are constrained.

In a nutshell, we have covered most of the top flutter Widgets that can help build a robust Flutter application.

Apart from this, one more important element is crucial to building a user-centric extensive mobile application, an expert developer who can take your app to the next level by improvising the User experience from its core level.

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