Discussion on: What's your favourite game engine and why?

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Arnaud Morisset

I find Godot really interesting. Its main features fix all the pain points I found in other game engines.

  • VCS friendly, conflicts inside scene are easy to merge.
  • A nice scripting language, no need to use a syntax-heavy OOP language (but C# is available if you want).
  • 2D system which works with pixel coordinates (and no needs to use a complete physics system if you don't want to).
  • Good UX and "feeling" when using the UI.
  • The team behind it have a no-nonsense approach: focus on UX, no dependency hell, community-driven, etc.
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I use Godot too. I like the tree based organisational system it uses. Games can get complicated and messy if you're not careful, and being able to save a section out to a separate file makes creating things a lot more straight forward. Makes re-using pieces of code in another project simple too.