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3 inspirational Podcasts for Entrepreneurs on Youtube

arjunpatel profile image ArjunPatel33 ・3 min read

Do you know what is the second most used search engine after Google? That's YouTube for you! With tens of thousands of videos uploading every hour on YouTube, there is so much content on the platform that would be incomprehensible for a human mind. From sports to science, to cooking tips, and much much more, this video streaming platform is extremely helpful for people who know how to use it to their own advantage.

Now when I say for their own advantage, it is to learn something. YouTube is flooded with so much good and quality content that you wouldn't even find this many options anywhere (for free of course!). Many YouTubers are constantly adding content based on their area of interest and the skill they want to target. Each video is completely free and the only requirement that you need to access this pool of good content is a Google+ account. That's it.

For entrepreneurs, YouTube is a great place to gain knowledge of the current business trend and what skill they need to have in this competing marketplace. Most people don't understand the usefulness of YouTube and often waste its potential in watching irrelevant content. If you ask anyone at the top of their field how they achieved success in business, you will find a common pattern of constant hard work, struggle, dedication, and most importantly, self-education.

Books, audio, blog posts, and experience are usually enough for a self-taught entrepreneur to gain valuable insights. However, using YouTube to watch fellow successful entrepreneurs share their stories has its own distinct value. The only issue with this approach is how to search for good podcasts on YouTube?

Fortunately for you, we have done the hard work of finding the 3 best YouTube podcasts for entrepreneurs. Follow these podcasts to increase your knowledge in the ever-changing business world.

1. Startup

In this last season of the series, Startup is Gimlet Media’s CEO Alex Blumberg’s take on the successes and pitfalls of running his media company. Having sold to Spotify earlier this year, this final season looks at the intersection of art and money and how one values each.

That value changes, you find out, when you have your employees’ fates in your hands.

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2. Becoming Great

Erik Bergman is very popular in the marketing world, he made more than $50 million before he even turned 30. With his Casino affiliate Catena Media he took the world by storm and took it to the stock exchange with a valuation of more than $200 million.

In 2017 Erik left his business to start It’s also an Online Casino Affiliate company but with the goal of giving away 100% of its profit to prevent the climate change crisis! What a nice guy.

His Becoming Great podcast is one of the better ones on the internet, where he is a co-host along with Emil Ekvardt who is a professional poker player who made over $1 million before the age of 25.

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3. Start With This

Start With This is not just a regular podcast, it also serves as a creative playground. Overall, the show is designed to encourage listeners to think about, talk about, and make art.

The hosts, Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink (creators of Welcome to Night Vale) focus on a topic in each episode and end it with two assignments — something to create and something to consume.

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