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Discussion on: Introducing and using Obsidian

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Arjen Postma

Obsidian is a great tool, found it last year. And all though I do use it occasionally, I do struggle with what to write. Or how to write? What structure do you follow for your nodes, could be a great next article for you 😆

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Christian Engel Author

Yeah, I already thought about writing some follow up articles.
I do a lot with that app:

  • Maintaining a Knowledge Base
  • Drafting new Projects (Research & Concept)
  • Making notes about lots of work related stuff
  • Blogging
  • Keeping my Grocery list (no joke, its perfect!)
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You could do a 'Share your knowledge graph' - article. 10/10 would post

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Christian Engel Author

I think I'll start with ways to use Obsidian to help in daily stuff (both work and private) - but your idea is interesting as well!