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Discussion on: Tell me an unpopular software opinion

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Arit Developer

Devs can build their portfolios on WordPress

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Ben Halpern Author

This is a great one.

Wordpress isn't exactly an "elegant solution" these days, but it is a hardened one with basically every use case imaginable covered. Any user-facing flaws can be overcome with tooling and config, same as any comparable software.

It's also very useful to learn Wordpress. The company behind Wordpress just raised another $300m. The software isn't going anywhere any time soon.

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Mr F. • Edited on

I used wordpress once in 2003 but I haven't built a single wordpress site ever since!

I recognise what people have done with it, and it's maturity as a platform, but I count myself lucky!

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Paramanantham Harrison

True Ben.
Headless Wordpress with Gatsby kind of well optimised frontend will be a killer combo for mid sized projects

Use cases,

  • content websites
  • e-commerce websites
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Jordy Lee

Can second this. Been building a full-stack app for a few months now using WP as the backend + GraphQL API and React Frontend. Also use some serverless functions to supplement functionality that can't be done in WP.

It's been amazing because as a single dev, I can work on what would otherwise be a huge/impossible project by leveraging WPs' CMS, authentication features and plugins.

The only thing slowing me down is the WordPress GraphQL ecosystem is still almost non-existent

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Chris B

I'm going to be looking into Gatsby and next.js this year. One question - how do you handle updates on Gatsby when a post or something else is updated in WordPress? Do you have a hook/action that is triggered and posts to gatsby to run a new build?

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George Offley

I've had one on WP for years now. I'm switching to hosting everything on a GitHub pages site. It's just far easier to maintain with little effort. Helps focus on writing rather than messing with a WP set up.

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Ken Aguilar • Edited on

Mine is even more primitive. I use a static site generator. Lol

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Jake Varness

Too many plugins, not enough code I can modify without fear.