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ReactJS Vs AngularJS-Which One should you select?

ReactJS and AngularJS are both vastly popular frameworks used by many top mobile app development companies. Both are great in their own ways and as well as they also have their advantages and disadvantages depending on what developers are looking for and what are the project requirements. Let’s analyze the features of both major cutting edge players and you can decide which one you can choose for the excellent mobile application.

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*What is AngularJs

AngularJs is an open-source framework. It is one of the most famous JavaScript frameworks. This framework allows developers to add HTML code for website development. It has a short loading time and it is great for testability. AngularJS is best for video streaming apps, user-review apps, travel apps, weather apps, e-commerce, and social media apps (LinkedIn uses AngularJS for its mobile app). AngularJS is used for quick front-end development because it doesn’t need any other plugins or frameworks. So you can Hire Dedicated Angularjs Developers for excellent mobile app development solutions with Advanced security features.

*What is ReactJS

ReactJS is an extraordinary framework for managing the DOM (Document Object Model), especially when dealing with huge amounts of data. React mainly works by creating an actual DOM in JavaScript that behaves as an intermediate representation of the DOM. This representation makes it easy to decide which elements to change in the DOM. ReactJs have many features like simplicity, consistency, and UI.

*Comparison between AngularJs & ReactJS


React has just started a few days while Angular has been there for a long time. That’s why support for Angular is much better than Reactjs. While Angular’s coding is more complex, React is easier to use so you need less help from the support communities.

*Speed & features:

AngularJS is more powerful but it is a little less in speed than ReactJs. When there is a large database to pick up data from, users might experience a slight delay. React is faster than Angular JS so works well while delivering large data.

It uses full MVC architecture so it is best for Angularjs Developers to use. It uses only the view component so it has fewer features than Angular JS. Beginners should use Reactjs.


Angular JS functions from an HTML code and provides a limited expansion of tools for packaging & deploying the code. While React functions from a Javascript perspective and provides a library like RequireJS to load the code.


In Angular JS it’s easy to write the code but difficult to debug. But in React, it’s much easier to debug. You can Hire ReactJS App Developer For Custom Web app Development.

Now let’s use them with each other and not against each other. React’s pure JavaScript environment gives developers more flexibility and ease of learning. Angular has some limitations, but you can still expect React to provide full freedom and be Equally powerful. You can use a combination of both in your next big project.

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