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Show off your pet(s) :-)

ari_o profile image Arika O ・1 min read

Show us who's supporting you while you code or reminds you to take a cuddle break when you've been working for too long.

This is my doggo and thanks to him my back is very grateful that I take at least 3 walks during the office hours.

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My three helpers. The one on the left in particular loves pair-programming with me. The others are more the scrutinizing reviewer type :D


Go Cat go
That was the first time she looked at go, it seemed very confusing to her. But she tried and she'll get there sooner or later :D


Omg, the look on the face of the white one :)).

Oh yeah, Jessie got that judgemental look down.
The little princeling on the right, Ragnar, is the king of "if looks could kill", maybe I'll find an example somewhere :D

Unfortunately by now they seem to know that my phone takes pictures, since they start to behave whenever I point the damn thing at them. That greatly reduces the amounts of Derpy photos I am able to take :(


Amazing! Size of those feet! Maine Coon Cross by any chance?


All three are Purebred Maine Coon as far as I know. I don't really know much about cats, my local breeder (which is also an IT nerd) just had the requirement "A RAID5 of big cats please" :D

That's awesome! How old are they? They can get really big.

I have two Maine Coon cross kittens we got in January. They'll be about a year old in September. They are already getting big haha.

The two girls on the left are about 13 months old, the princeling on the right is 7 months now.
I've been told they can grow up to 3 years, so I'm excited to see how huge my three monsters will become

Oh wow! The princeling is going to be HUUUUGE.

Yeah, I heard ~3 years is when they grow until.

These are ours: instagram.com/kraykitties/

Omg they are beautiful! β™₯️
I already want to pet them 😻
It always makes me happy to see at least one being cuddly :)

Ragnars dad was a giant, nearly dog size, so I hope my princeling will be just as big one day

I'll let them know πŸ˜…

They are softies. One seems to have more Maine Coon traits than the other. Sleeps on his back, etc. haha.

Oh wow. Could be even bigger! πŸ˜†


This is Vega, she loves a good pillow fort πŸ™‚

Adorable cat


Vega sounds like a smart young lady, forts are awesome :-). Thank you for sharing.


That's from about a year ago when she was just half a year old. Here's a more recent pic


Omg Hagrid!! love the nameπŸ˜‚


Fancy looking keyboard 😜


Oh, I remember the photo/ joke with Ruby on Rails from Twitter :)). She's super cute and she definitely needs a dev.to account if she doesn't have one already.


Yep, when we got her we actually lived right next to a train track. It was the obvious joke πŸ˜„

Pepe looks like a sweetheart as well 😍


Mr. EdEd

He's a lionhead rabbit - or maybe just some fluff.


I wish I could hold my bun like you do!
She's adorable though bunny laying on the ground


What's her name? She is very cute.

Her name is Cajou! (Like "Cashew" but it French 😁)

Hehe, nice. We have the same word in my mother tongue :). She seems quite tiny, but maybe is just the photo angle.

Yeah she is quite small ! πŸ˜…
Here are some other pics !

(wups, I have no clue why that image got rotated)

Uiiiiii πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–, the first photo gives a better image of how she looks like. I love bunnies but I never knew how to handle them, they seem quite fragile. She's super cute.


Whoa 🐰❀️


Awww I love Mr Ed Ed! He looks soooo fluffy!


Awww, I was wondering when someone who has something else than a dog or a cat will post. He is a cutie (the breed looks quite out of the ordinary), what's his name? πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—


That would be Mr. Ed Ed :)

Mr. Ed Ed is a cutie pie.


It was her birthday last weekend

Pituca chihuahua


Awwwww, she is so cute. And those "sweets" look amazing. Is she a chihuahua?


Yeah, she is πŸ₯°

My Pepe is too, although he has longer legs than usual :)). How old is she?


Landra is the best coworker because she always makes sure to distract me when I've been looking at a screen for too long.

Landra my black lab licking my face while I sit at my desk.


Exactly. If it wasn't for my dog's need for attention I would probably forget to stand up the whole day πŸ’—. She's a sweetheart.


It would be a welcome distraction if it didn't always happen right in the middle of a train of thought haha Couldn't imagine working from home without her, though!

Oh, yes. My dog does the same, most of the time he has some urgent business when I'm a meeting or trying to fix a bug and I need to super focus.


Haha, their looks are pretty telling. Is the left one still a baby?


was, and now she is a mother <3

<3 <3 <3


This one, who makes this face often:

And he has a littermate, too, but it's hard to get a picture of him without him looking like a blob or a blur. He's a fidgety chubby boi.


Cat trees are the best things <3


The cat had a weird rash but it's all cleared up now!


You have a cat and a dog? Wow. Do they get along well?

The cat has established complete dominion and rule. She often whacks him; he could just step on her but he's a big softie.


Sorry for the bad quality, it's an old picture and I didn't want to wake 'em up! :D



Awww, this is interesting. What's their story and do they have names :-)?


Hi, here's Paulette and Georgette (Paulette is on the left, I guess...) ;)
My uncle is a farmer and he gave me these two hens 2 years ago.
They each lay one egg per day.
It's a real pleasure to have them in the garden :)

My grandma used to have these red chickens, loads of them (minimum 40 :D) all year around. "Hunting" for eggs was a super fun game when we were kids. Paulette and Georgette have very fancy names but I guess they're fancy girls, so it suits them :). Thx for sharing.


My cat loves to interfere with my work, typically between me and my keyboard. When she can't do that she's on my arm (as seen) or laying on one of the laptop's speakers. She's great and very helpful (again, as seen).



Is she even a cat if she doesn't disturb you from working :))?


Hello. Meet Pepa, sleeping at work!
Pepa sleeping at work


Great thing Alt is far away from F4 :)


Fortunately yes!
Perhaps they foresaw the cat's sleeping position when created the key mapping :)

hahah, this ^^


We can't see Pepa right now :).


These are my girls. Sora is a white/black AmStaff, Tres (means 3 in Spanish - a long story) is a mix of Mastiff with Huskey and who-knows-what-else.

We also have a white cat called Hormiga (Ant in Spanish), but it is not likely to get a picture of the 3 altogether hahaha

Sora and Tres


Tres is killing me with the puppy look. How old is she? Sora looks like a very playful dog. And that's an impressive collection of board games :D.


They are more or less the same age, about 5 years. But we have got Tres since she was born and almost raised as a human and Sora was adopted when adult but she is the sweetest dog ever.
We have about 300+ boardgames, and have a YT channel in Spanish haha.


Always up for cuddles, eh :)?


... the fourth has hidden ;-)

the fourth has hidden


They're super cute 😊. What color is the forth? By the way, I like our profile photo (R.I.P Grumpy Cat).


Greetings from Number four :-)

Nummber four

They all look very chill :).


ZoΓ« and Layla (along with their feline sister, Oona) squarely own my heart.



Are ZoΓ« and Layla sisters too?


Only in spirit. Layla (right) is an Australian Kelpie about 3 years old. ZoΓ« (left) is, we think, a black-and-tan coonhound a little over 1 year old. But as you can see, they're best buddies.


I picked up my first coding buddy today! The one of the far left. I wonder what she'll be like, but I'm certain she'll be a big help. ^^

Oh, and the name is Luna ^^

(The picture doesn't seem to load, or is that just me? I'm still new here so, oops)

Little Luna


Yes, for now no photo is showing.


I think I fixed it now. ^^

Yes. it's fixed. They're all very cute, I hope you and Luna will have a beautiful journey together (I'm sure she'll be a great codding buddy) πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—!



Nana (7 in Japanese). She is a precious 14-year mix of Belgian Shepherd & Husky that came to my life when I moved with my actual girlfriend.

She likes to lay down in my home office meanwhile I'm working and 'dog' debugging with me 🀣

She helped me a lot when my mom died last year, I own her a lot. The 3 of us love to go hiking in Terrassa Catalunya and enjoy nature.


I know how this dog debugging looks like. Pepe does the same but I have the feeling is more napping under the desk than debugging :). I'm sorry to hear about your mom. Thank you for sharing with us.


Haha similar to Nana naps just behind my chair. Thanks for the reply ❀. It was a nice thread.


Girl, boy? I love curled dogs :-).


She's a sweetheart. The way she sleeps with her toy is adorable.


Our cat and dog. Sadly, our puppy passed two weeks ago. Blondie, dog, and Castiel, cat


I'm so sorry to hear that πŸ˜”. They looked very cute together (I'm always amazed by dogs and cats that get along very well). Thank you for sharing.


She's not the dog, she's the baby :D
frencie image


Awwww, come onnnnnnn, she's got the puppy look (I'm a sucker for dogs and if they hit me with the puppy look I'm dead :D). Cuteee!


Kittens are also tired of social distancing


Funny, they sleep like dogs (or maybe I know too little about cats and this is just normal). They're super cute, thx for sharing.


She gets very cold and leans over other cats to get warm when other sources of heat are turned off (my PS4 mostly haha). It’s very common to see cats together like this.
When the pandemic is over try visiting a local shelter and see for yourself, you’ll have a good time and the kittens will love to have someone to play with :)


Here we go 🐱


Oooooomg, she/ he is so cute! What's the name of this breed? Thank you for sharing.


Thanks, he was glad to read that! Scottish fold.


He's Toki, my last of three cats, my favourite one <3



Goes without saying that he(?) is a sweetheart. Nice necklace too :-). Why is this the favorite one?


Because HE's so cool! 😎 And for me is like a dog, he stands everywhere I go and is always warming my legs while programming πŸ’–

Haha, cats that behave like dogs are the best :).


This is Bode with his fresh haircut
Bode after haircut


Awww, so cute, Bodie looks like a softie. Is he a Golden Retriever?


Yes! He's a Golden and he has oh so much hair.


Nice idea, here is Maya, a cross between a German Pointer and American PitBull


She looks like a fast dog, for some reason haha. Weren't German Pointers hunting dogs or something? She is a cutttie!


Yes she is a 'too' fast dog
I think there is also a little kangaroo blood too😊


Possibly NSFW.

Rodan & Twinkie.


Awwww, such a cute duo. Did Twinkie just join you?


No, he's a straping young lad now. I just like that picture of them.


My cocker spaniel Snickers laying on a textbook in 2015 (She's since passed).


I'm sorry to hear about him going over the rainbow. He is very cute, thank you for sharing. My Pepe is very good friend with a cocker one of my neighbors has :-).


Thank you for your condolences. She was a great dog. Aw that's so great! What kind of dog is Pepe? :)


Not sure how to rotate here correctly, but here is her royal highness.


She looks like a lion, very cute. What breed is this?


She is! She is a mix of some sort. Given that she has a large frame, 13 pounds (5.9 kg) at a healthy weight, I suspect she is mixed with one of the larger breeds like Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat.


What is his name!!? :))


His name is Pepe :).


Cute! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

Thank you 😊!


Piglet our Corgi mix:
Corgie mix
Alaska our Catahoula/Border Collie:
Kanga our Newfoundland:

And our Dachshund Tiny Tina:


Wow, 4 dogs? Can't decide which one is cutter :-). Must have a really big yard, no?


Yep we have a great big yard thankfully. My wife's a dog trainer so most of them go with her to work most days.


Dame Olga von Hammstein

Just got Dame Olga von Hammstein after Lady Abigail Hammalot passed away from old age. Hamsters are great, they gnaw on their cage when they want attention and that is impossible to ignore when working.


Awww, so cute. I don't know anything about hamsters, can you actually play with them? I suppose they are very fragile :D?


You can play with them. You have to interact with them every day else they go wild again. With my hamsters I let them run around on my lap and play with them. They are less fragile then you would think. Every hamster I have owned has taken at least one dive off a table and been fine.

The more you play with them the tamer they become and some of them can be very cuddly.


dayummm i want to show my pet but theyre too cute you will die

//hint: it is a cat

Some photos of a very, very cute cat never killed anyone :D. We can take the risk.


Hello there! I see everybody here has wonderful pets I have a horse and his name is Ace. I don’t have his photos yet. He is not a big fan of posing and photoshoots. We bought him recently, from the owner who used to make money on my Ace in the park. The horse is not very young though. We just fell sorry for the poor horse, who used to work daily in the park and ride little children. Now I want him to enjoy his retirement. But I cannot tell his age. I’ve read an article on petsoid, but maybe there any other methods on getting a horse age?


This is Lulu, our 8yo youngest family member!



Cutie pie. What breed is she (she looks like a Dachshund but I'm not sure)? Thank you for sharing.


Thank you! Yes, she is a Daschund, but, visually not that pure breed. I say visually cause in terms of personality and behavior there's no doubt she is a Daschund!


This is Alix

Her dam was Absinian, her sire was Texel ( why is image not showing ? )


I had the same problem this morning. You need to upload the image, take the code generated in the input next to the image icon and use markdown to include it in the comment. Like so:

![Alt text of image](put-link-to-image-here)

In fact you can also use html code like this:

<img src="image-url">

with or without alt attribute.
I usually upload images into imgur, then I get the share link and I paste it here.


Here's my dogo:


Awwww, such a soft look. Boy or girl (what's the name)?


Ditox, it's a though guy, about 13kg, can lick you to the death, he's a funny happy dog πŸ˜πŸ˜‚


My little panther.

Loves my laptop, hates me using it myself πŸ˜‚


Could you show us a photo of her/ him :)?


Take your dog to work or take your owner to work? πŸ˜…


Why not both πŸ˜‹?


Good point, we can share the workload!


Roma, our youngen Bordie Collie, taking over the isolation office and shipping sweet memes.



I see a doggo, I press the like button :). She is uber-cute, thank you for sharing.


Looks like no one is interested in birds but me.
my sparrows


They're very cute, thank you for sharing. What's their names? I think is indeed the first bird photo :). Most people have cats, if it would be to make a top.


Cuteness doggo))))


Thank you :-).


So cuteee, is he a Florida White?


Wholesome post is wholesome


A collection of very, very cute animal-friends :).


My brother had one when we were kids and he was waaay too playful for some small children like us :).


Syoma the Cat
"You are typing too loudly. Please find another room or house." - Syoma.


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