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Hello there!

I've built a new ( a week-old ) project - ReX.js.
It's meant to help developers with building custom RegExps. It's kind of my first ( or second if to count total-failure-one 😅) project and I want to make it better. Most issues that people have with this library is its API. But I don't really know how to improve on that. So any ideas, pull requests or even issues are very much appreciated and welcomed!


How do you need help with this? I'm quite interested.


Don't have enough time right now, but there are a few things to work on here. Definitely the regex polyfill code needs to be improved. It generally has number of errors. 🤔 Right now, I'm considering removing the lookbehind polyfill.

Anything you might need any help with, shoot me an email (christopheelkhoury@gmail.com) and I'll be more than glad to help out.

Great thanks! In addition, as I mentioned earlier, PRs are welcome!


Have you considered making the builder object immutable, so that every fluent method returned a new instance, and a finalize method returned a regular RegExp?


Not really. Didn't want to hit performance that hard for so simple task. But it makes me think, maybe provide something like .clone() method for cloning the already constructed RegExp and extending it later?

You wouldn't hit it as hard as you think, since in the absence of mutable methods you would reuse most of the tree.

In this case, I will consider it as an option. Of course it would be quite a breaking change.

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