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Discussion on: Software Architecture Documentation - The arc42 Notion Template

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Anton Reindl Author • Edited on

Thank you for the comment, Gernot!

Over time we also gained new experience with Arc42 in Notion. When the document becoming longer and longer, Notion started becoming really slow when you scroll down and it was getting very unclear.

So I refactored the chapters to sub-pages and it helped us as lot. I attached a screenshot:

Why we still like Notion + Arc42 docs:

  • we can very easily comment and collaborate to parts of the docs (e.g. to clarify questions, assign work,...)
  • it's accessible by everyone
  • chapters can be assigned to owners / stewards
  • the Notion search and the linking improved a lot
  • Notion now has a open API letting do a lot (if needed)
  • we can embed drawings (e.g. from LucidCharts) that get updated automatically

I will update the article and also share the template soon.

Have a great day.