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re: Using ESLint and Prettier in a TypeScript Project VIEW POST


Thanks for the great article. I was just busy on writing something similar on getting Gatsby set-up with TypeScript, ESLint, and Prettier. The set-up is pretty similar as well!

Never mind the question below, it's the eslint.validatesetting in VS code :D, I should've taken a note from your article ;).

Question for reference:

I wonder if you've encountered the same thing though: In VSCode, the editor doesn't seem to show me errors from my ESLint file with this setup, whether they're an extension of rules or added explicitly, just the TypeScript errors. Of course, when linting the errors _do show up. Any ideas on how to fix this?_


Just took a peak at your article. Great write up 👍🏼


Thanks so much Robert! Hope I've got some time to publish part 2 soon


I'm glad this was linked because the article was missing the crucial step of adding --ext js,jsx,ts,tsx to the npm run script.

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