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Angular vs React vs Vue – The Right Framework For You


The pace of technological change is accelerating at an alarming rate. Over the years, a lot of new tools and methodologies have been introduced into the business world, though not all of them remain for the long run. This programming language, JavaScript, has successfully established its roots across all the industry verticals and has become one of the leading programming languages.

In a recent survey by Statista, 64.96% of developers cited JavaScript as a key reason for their love of the language. In the last few years, JavaScript has been developing desktop and mobile applications for both the client-side and the server-side programming language.

When it comes to choosing the right framework out of the wide variety of frameworks available, JavaScript developers usually get confused because there are so many options. Although there are multiple frameworks to choose from JavaScript, three are the most popular: Angular.js, React.js, and Vue.js.

Angular JS

AngularJS was first released by Google in 2010 as a framework for building web applications. The Angular 2 framework appeared in 2016, which is a total rewrite of the original AngularJS framework. There have been several new versions since then. The most recent is currently Angular 13.

A lot of single-page applications are created using this framework, which is open source and free. As it is based on the MVW architecture, it has become a very popular choice for building cross-platform apps. It offers both client-side MVC and MVVM architecture, which makes the development of JavaScript applications easier for developers. A lot of businesses are using the advantages of outsourcing their development to the AngularJs development company.

React JS

In 2013, Facebook released React as a tool to combat the problems triggered by high volumes of traffic that were generated by its Facebook ads. However, it also resolved issues related to coding and maintenance. In short, it is a popular framework for JS developers who want to develop single-page websites as well as mobile applications. The framework is open-source, accessible to everyone, and contains features that will help you create iPhone and Android applications. Nowadays, large businesses are using React to build their web apps. In addition, it is also well known for its ability to render top-notch support for the development of interactive user interfaces. As of October 2020, the latest stable version of the application came out 17. X.

It is actually a JavaScript library used to build UIs for web and mobile applications. The technology is now supported by both Facebook and Instagram (Now Meta) and has developed into an essential part of the endless feed functionality in these applications. In terms of React’s sphere of use, it is a JS library with a limited range of applications, however, when combined with other libraries, it becomes a powerful solution, making it a competitive tool against Angular.

Vue Js

Evan You, a former employee of Google who worked on Angular when he was a Googler, created the Vue framework. Vue.JS is a lightweight, powerful, open-source framework that can handle all kinds of web applications and be released in the year 2014. In terms of the development of single-page applications, the application of component composition technique is in high demand, particularly for the user interface. As a result of the combination of React.js and AngularJS, developers can develop beautiful, engaging, and high-quality web applications with Vue.js.

Vue.js is generally defined as a framework for developing user interfaces in a progressive manner. Vue was built so that users could adopt the framework incrementally, as opposed to Angular.

Vue 3 introduces some exciting new features and updates to Vue.js. Among the new features are the accurate production of standalone reactive objects, async error handling, the introduction of Slots, and more.

Vue.JS has been getting a lot of attention lately as one of the hottest topics to discuss when it comes to the framework.

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Angular vs React vs Vue – The Right Framework For You

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