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A perfectionist trying to survive in the infinite abyss of different approaches to coding the web


Web Developer at Jalmia

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What's one thing you wish you had known before you started your career in web development?

I guess for me is to not get into all that java script framew...

Nevertheless, Ali Coded

lmao what are some of those comments, straight from 2005 li...

What's Wrong with CSS?

I agree, CSS as it stands does not allow for a lot of head ...

Need a hug? There's a bot for that!

Haha this is awesome!

How to Fix Windows 10 Search is not working


Resources for planning a web application?

Thanks Ben!! 😀

Create a Blog in Less Than 20 Lines of Code Using 11ty

11ty is great, I've been using it and its so simple.

New Site Made With HUGO!

I couldn't really get into Hugo mostly due to the odd synta...

What was your win this week?

Birthday Happy!!

What's your spookiest coding story?

Updating UAT database that was being used by testers... wit...

Which is the Best Static Site Generator and Why?

Eleventy is a pleasure to work with.

My Walking Boots


There's a new DEV theme in town for all you 10x hackers out there (plus one actually useful new feature)

16 Hours to launch — A breakdown of how I designed, built and launched a product over a weekend.

This has inspired me, thank you for your post!

We were featured in Lifehacker and got 1,057 new customers in 5 days

Clever ;)

Name your Constraints

I had this issue, when I first started developing my first ...

What is your Deep Work/Focus go to music?

Each to their own, I'm the opposite 😊

What kind of doctor fixes broken websites?

I swear this mans voice is engraved into my neurons at this p...

Exploring Blazor, or C# and .NET in the Browser without Plug-ins

I've have been looking at blazor for a nice while now, I fi...

How I deal with my 9-5 when I still learning Programming?

Thank you for this post, gives a little perspective on how ...

Brogrammer - Our Contribution Towards A Fitter World

So if I am primarily a JavaScript Developer and someone posts...

Brogrammer - Our Contribution Towards A Fitter World

Woah many butt hurt people here in the comments, great name, ...

Fall in love with CSS with these 9 cool resources

I find CSS intimidating at times. Maybe I do not have the k...

Top 20 CSS Navigation Menus 🚀

I really like #15!