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Discussion on: What's Wrong with CSS?

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Arturs Timofejevs

I agree, CSS as it stands does not allow for a lot of head room when it comes to creating websites. I recently have learned how to use postcss and many plugins that come with it, notability purgecss. When you learn, SASS, postcss it all makes your life developing CSS (and I cannot overstate this) so much easier. Gone the days of 5000 line css files, gone the days of ctrl F an ctrl H to find and replace certain colors. I do not know if CSS itself should get features like postcss or purge, and in no doubt in the future it will come close, but I also think the scarcity of CSS's functionality is ultimately also a great thing. Allowing the user base to create tooling that applies to their specific case and thus keeping the base CSS intact.

(PS: autoprefixer for the win by the way)

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🅰️ GEEK Author

Yes CSS will be similar to webassembly when becoming a compilation target of higher-level more dynamic tools & languages