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The title of a blog article can be in practice anything. You can construct it in different ways.

IMO more then the article content itself, the article title is dependant on two other factors.

The audience you want to target and how do you want to "sell" your article to that audience.

Personaly i try to use SEO principles when thinking about the article title, so keep it short, keep it very descriptive and focused on the main keyword or idea you talk about on your article.

I dont usually like when i see others using clickbaity titles so try not to use them whenever possible. But again it depends on where im writing and what im trying to achieve. Clickbait titles are titles that sell. Titles that get the user attention, not just towards the article but sometime even towards the author itself.

Example: "How i improved website speed of website X by 500%".

Who wouldnt click this?

Another way of constructing this title could be:

"How to improve your website's speed"

Now, this title takes the attention from the author. On the clickbait title i specifically put "How I ..." so this should get the attention of the users not just towards the article. Using this title i could expect more visitors to this article to turn into "Followers" (in DEV.to case).

So it depends on what you are trying to achieve and who are you targeting also.

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