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Why Your Business Needs CRM: 5 Challenges to Solve with CRM System Integration

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Do you know that CRM software takes a major size of the global software market? At the moment, it has a value of $120 billion! Helping improve customer service, optimize various processes, and boost sales, CRM system integration is the issue of high concern for those companies that still don’t use it. By the way, 91% of organizations with 11+ employees use CRM software, says a research report by BuyerZone.

Top 10 advantages of using a CRM system for business

CRM system integration can offer businesses plenty of advantages, from sales automation to improved customer experience. When developed and used properly, a CRM solution can help your company:

1. Organize and manage customer interactions across all the company’s departments, from the first customer request to the end of service.

2. Collect and keep all the information in one safe place and make it easy to access it to ensure superior support of the existing and potential clients.

3. Make customer segmentation by different parameters like age, demographics, the standard of wages, and identify groups of both highest and lowest potential.

4. Provide personalized customer experience and increase satisfaction due to improved targeting.

5. Increase sales and referrals from current customers due to improved customer loyalty and proactive request management.

6. Monitor the work of employees (e.g., sales and marketing managers) and ensure a high quality of customer service.

7. Keep track of all sales and marketing activities within your company.

8. Automate the work of sales and marketing departments.

9. Improve marketing campaigns due to enabling real-time analytics across the entire lead generation process as well as tracking marketing spending and ROI.

10. Systematically collect and measure customer feedback and evolve services/products and create sales/marketing strategies accordingly.
When various operations are tracked and automated, personalized experience is provided, and data analytics is enabled, you have both customer satisfaction and conversion rate increased. The integration of a CRM software system will allow you to not only reduce costs but also minimize manual work and generate more leads.

If you still don’t have a CRM software system integrated into your business processes, here is a list of challenges that it can help solve.

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