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April Smith

FE Developer - React, nextJS, Angular

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Degree in Information Technology


Fullstack Developer

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Where do you host your static sites?

Firebase - its easier to deploy esp my angular applications

How do you deal with imposter syndrome?

I experience this syndrome like almost every team meeting, t...

What chair do you use for coding?

same, I use secretlab titan as well! and It's the best

What chair do you use for coding?

I use secretlab gaming chair! and I love it!

where would you live if you could be remote full-time?

not planning to move as we just bought a house LOL. but we do...

Am I a developer yet?

The site looks nice sleek and PWA. Good job! my only comment ...

What is your technical stack and what are you building?

Frontend: Angular (9), Bootstrap, MDBootstrap Backend: Larave...

What's that piece of code that you have to Google *every time*?

Regex, and object/array sorting

JavaScript Object Functions Cheat Sheet

this is very helpful! thanks for sharing

Putting on your LinkedIn?

I think it's good, that shows how passionate the person is an...

Minimalist Roadmap to Becoming a Full-Stack Developer

I really agree with them, but not to forget to create a portf...

Which JavaScript framework is the best?

I use angular at work but i think i prefer react as its more ...

Deploying your ReactJS App to Github Pages

yes it is! I love React!

Is PHP relevant?

I think when people who talk down PHP is dead and who haven't...