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Discussion on: Uploading Profile Pictures in a React and Rails API App Part II

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Alex Quasar

Just wondering about the reason for using Rails with React? What is the benefits or advantages of using Rails API vs something like Node/Express/Mongo, or Amplify

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Rachel Williams Author

Hi Alex, thanks for reading! I used Rails for my project because that is the framework I learned during my bootcamp and the one we were supposed to use for our final project. However, I am currently starting to learn Node. I don't really know all of the benefits, but after some research it looks like the pros of Node are that it has newer and better maintained libraries, it's faster than a Rails app, and potentially easier to debug. The pros of Rails are that Ruby is expressive and the framework is opinionated so it's easy to understand what other people's code is doing and with Rails you get database migrations. Hope that answered your question.