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Discussion on: A Ridiculously Simple Way For Creating Responsive Web Apps

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Nick Staresinic

Your first sentence might have been the springboard to some constructive criticism; but you had to follow it with an insult that produces heat without light. (Reminds me of Iron Mike's popular quote about social media.)

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Then focus on the first part? 😂 The first part was the criticism, the second part was the aftermath of me wasting 4 minutes on this article hoping for gaining at least something useful out of it when the title promises something extraordinary. Clearly a clickbait article, called it for what it is. Reminds me of people with unnecessary superiority complex.

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Rei Krom

That's just the effects of using a clickbait title.

If you're intentionally misleading and tricking people, expect them to be annoyed which in this case is reflected in the comments.

One should be nice to their fellow man, but also can't let people do annoying stuff without some sort of consequences.