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Contribute to Open-Source without coding

aprilltech profile image April Uzzle ・1 min read

(This is cross-posted from my podcast's Instagram)

Open-source software is software whose code is publicly accessible and can be modified by anyone. Contributing to an open-source project is beneficial to developers of all skill levels. You get to experience navigating large codebases, collaborating with other developers, and grow a public reputation.

From the outside, it would seem that the only way to contribute to open-source is to contribute code for bug fixes or new features. That is false. There are many different ways someone can contribute to open-source projects that don't involve submitting code.

  1. Documentation is a great way to start contributing to open-source if you like writing and are good at explaining topics. Providing documentation allows you to get a deeper understanding of the project while providing vital information to developers using the software.

  2. If your talents lie in design, you could contribute to or create a style guide so that the project has a cohesive and consistent visual UI.

  3. If you have a lot of knowledge about the project and like helping others, you could answer questions on the project's open issues or on Stack Overflow.

When it comes to open-source projects, it's not just about the code. It's also about building and helping the community around it. If you enjoy using some open-source software, see how you can get involved with that community!

What are some other ways people can start contributing to open-source projects?

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