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What’s new in Flutter 2.5

The initial release of Flutter in 2017 spelled the beginning of a new era in the hybrid development of cross-platform apps released by Google.

Flutter took the world by storm and, within a few years, countless companies and developers adopted Flutter as their platform and framework of choice for developing cross-platform applications. Because Flutter enables you to develop mobile (Android and iOS), desktop, and, as of the release of Flutter 2.0, even web apps without changing their codebase or rewriting the apps from scratch.

The latest release of this rapidly evolving framework, Flutter 2.5, packs a whole new, even more, powerful punch. Flutter 2.5 was announced as stable on September 8. Installation instructions can be found at flutter. dev. Also in Flutter 2.5:

  1. Performance Improvements
  2. Android full-screen support
  3. Apple Silicon support
  4. Dart formatter and cascades
  5. Pub support for ignoring files using.pubignore
  6. The pub is much smarter and faster
  7. ListView now sends notifications of scrollable areas even if the user isn’t scrolling
  8. Flutter DevTools utilizes these events to assist you with diagnosing shader compilation jank in your application Material banner supports now to the ScaffoldMessenger
  9. New CPU Profiler highlight that empowers you to hide profiler data from any of these sources.
  10. This release of DevTools accompanies an update to the Widget Inspector that permits you to hover over a widget to assess the object, view properties, widget state, etc.
  11. To make DevTools a more useful destination for comprehension and debugging your Flutter applications.
  12. We can add dependencies without leave the VS Code now The Visual Studio Code test runner also adds new gutter icons showing the last state of a test that can be clicked to run the test.

How to upgrade to Flutter 2.5

You can upgrade your Flutter version to v2.5 by running the following command:

flutter upgrade

The Flutter CLI tool will do its work to upgrade your Flutter SDK to the latest version 2.5.
To verify that the upgrade is successful, run the following command:

flutter --version

Flutter 2.5.0 • channel stable •
Framework • revision 4cc385b4b8 (5 days ago) • 2021-09-23 23:01:49 -0700
Engine • revision f0826da7ef
Tools • Dart 2.14.0

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