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Top 7 Flutter Tools that you should know

There's a massive pool of Flutter development tools and it’s gonna get bigger. We have listed the best Flutter development tools that can make a difference.


Panache is one of the most popular Flutter tools in recent years. It’s used by over 40 million developers worldwide. Panache enables you to create customized material themes for your Flutter apps. You can customize widgets, colors, shapes, and everything about your theme.

Using Panache is very easy to understand. Go to the Panache Website to customize your app theme, download theme.dart file, and add the theme to your flutter project. That’s all!

Adobe XD Plugins:

As you know, Adobe XD is a design tool for web apps and mobile apps. Adobe XD is the easiest way to design UI and UX. You create the design, and Adobe exports the code for you.

The good news is that Adobe XD supports Flutter from early 2020. That means you can design your application with Adobe XD and it generates the dart code for you.

Github Repo


Firebase is a highly used backend platform that’s developed by Google. With Firebase, you can power your app’s backend, including data storage, user authentication, real-time database, static hosting, cloud messaging, push notifications, and much more.

If you are new to Flutter, we highly recommend the Firebase platform because there are many documentation articles and a thousand example projects on Github. To start using Firebase, you can take a glance at this Google CodeLabs.

Official website


Codemagic is one of the most efficient ways to boost your Flutter app development process. It helps in automatic code signing, allowing smooth development and deployment of flutter applications. Also, with Codemagic, you can test and release your flutter apps with no configuration. It can automate the whole build process, test, and release process of your flutter apps. Using Codemagic is surprisingly not too hard.

Official website


If you are interested in e-commerce or anything you can sell in your app, you shouldn’t miss the Square tool. Square is an in-app payment management platform. It offers better assistance in taking care of any sort of payment processing technicality for you with an in-app payment feature.

Using its Flutter SDK, you can start receiving in-app payments effortlessly via an easily customizable user interface with built-in support for storing cards and online wallets.

Github repo


WonderPush is a push notification and in-app messaging implementation that you can utilize in your Flutter app to boost your users’ engagement. It provides a plethora of powerful features, including segmentation and targeting, geo-targeting, and A/B testing for a meager price.

Official website


Appetize is an online web-based android Emulator and iOS simulator for when you want to run native apps in the browser. It is handy for customer support, training, development, testing, and app demos. You can utilize it to make the introduction procedure more effective.

It’s easy to upload your application to Appetize cloud, but you can use it via API. To start using Appetize, you can check out this article.

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