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Appwrite Community Report #12

Hello everyone! Greetings from team Appwrite πŸ‘‹

We are back with our weekly community report, to share with you all what Appwrite has been doing! 🀩

Here’s a sneak peek! πŸ‘€

TLDR; Covering release updates, work in progress, announcements, resources and more.

πŸ“’ What’s new

βœ… Issues solved

The 0.15 release was soon followed by 0.15.1, all thanks to our amazing community that helped us find bugs and solve them! πŸ”

  • Fixed SMS for createVerification - triggers messaging worker when creating phone verification
    πŸ”—Link to PR

  • Fixed all $createdAt and $updatedAt occurrences in the UI
    πŸ”—Link to PR

  • Fixed Delete Document from the UI
    πŸ”—Link to PR

  • Fixed internal Attribute and Index key on Migration
    πŸ”—Link to PR

  • Fixed broken link for Documents under Collections
    πŸ”—Link to PR

βš’οΈ What we’re currently working on

  • Working on functions proxy that would allow better horizontal scaling regarding functions
  • Update playgrounds to 0.15
  • Work on improving 30 days of Appwrite
  • Fixing redirection after deleting collection

πŸ—£ Discussions

Version 0.15 is out now, what are your thoughts on it?
πŸ”— Join the discussion here

πŸ“˜ Resources

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