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My Proudest Day as a Developer.

I have always been impressed with developers who always have the answers to my questions. They appear so all-knowing to me.

I was particularly impressed by the Senior Developer at Logiciel Ghana, a fin-tech startup where I started my professional developer journey as a Mobile App Developer Intern. He had all the answers to my questions. When I was literally pulling my hair out in frustration at some bug, he would just coolly point out what I was doing wrong and suggest a new path to a solution.

He appeared to know everything there was to know about Software Development. He had experience as a Systems Admin, Mobile App Developer, Frontend Developer and Backend Developer. He was the one everyone went to for information on the capabilities of the products that Logiciel offered. He was an incredible mentor and role model. I wanted to be like him.

Less than a year after leaving Logiciel for another startup, I was presented with the opportunity to be like him in a small way. I had been spending a lot of time using Flutter in a project by then and had ran into a problem with the CupertinoTabView widget, for some reason none of the routes registered in main.dart could be found when I tried to navigate to them.

I dutifully hit up Google search for help. The only thing I found on stack overflow was a post from more than a month ago by someone facing the same issue. It had very little engagement and no answer. I grunted in frustration and went back to the Flutter documentation hoping for some answers. After a lot of reading I finally found a "routes" property in the CupertinoTabView class documentation.

I didn't dare to hope, I could be wrong; there was no way this Flutter team forgot to mention this on the Cupertino widgets page. There was no mention of having to register screens once more. Still, I tried out what I was thinking. And it worked! I was overjoyed, I figured it out!

I immediately went back to the stack overflow page and posted my answer. You can see it here!

I was ecstatic about figuring it out. I was even more excited when Sayed (he posted the question) verified my answer and made this comment

The developer community is amazing. There is such a willingness to share solutions that is overwhelming at first. I'm so happy that I got the chance to be like my mentor.

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