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Emmanuel Oreoluwa
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I find javascript very confusing ,I have been learning javascript for 3months and I still find it very confusing
And started with react native before javascript is it a good practice

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stereobooster • Edited

Well I wouldn't compare PHP and JS. PHP started as a library for building websites and grown to be a language. One of the biggest problem of PHP is inconsistent naming (at least was). JS started as language, it was written by the person with some CS background - a lot of ideas was adopted from other languages, like Scheme and Self.

But yes, they both had explosive growth at some point and took some wrong choices about design.

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Yes JS is confusing. Not all of it, but there are for sure confusing parts, for example implicit coercions. This is known problem, one of the advices is to avoid confusing parts (at least in the beginning). There was a book with this idea, that JS is much better if you avoid confusing parts ("JavaScript good parts")

I as well suspect that is not JS confusing - ecosystem, tooling you choose is even more confusing. You want to learn React Native with no prior JS experience. It means that you need to learn:

  • JS
  • React
    • JSX
    • React Native Flavour
  • learn or know mobile API of your platform
  • understand relation between some tooling, like metro, npm, babel etc.

Read my advice for the newbie.

What you want to learn? Why? Tell us more

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Antonio Radovcic

I have been learning JS for 7 Years full-time and I still find it very confusing.

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Emmanuel Oreoluwa Author


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How motivating! πŸ˜‚
Hmmm, ... I really mean it. 😐

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Curtis Fenner

JavaScript can be pretty confusing. Is there any particular small things we can help you understand?

I don't know anything about React Native, so I can't comment on that.

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Juan Carlos

Try Python or Nim lang (starting with NimScript), learn the programming concepts, not memorize stuff, then switching lang to lang is easier, and you notice benefits and defects.