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To read after long day of programming

The Show off programmers : Those that like to boast how good they are at programming

John is a show off programmer


Not anybody

Literally nobody

Not one single being

John : I can code code code

Facts : Note most of them only know html and css.

The disciplined programmers : Those that add strict rule to their programming culture like use of Tabs instead of Space Bar, honestly I don’t see any difference.

Jude is a disciplined programmers.

Me: Jude

Jude : Do not talk while coding

Note : They sometimes bend their rules when nobody is watching

The desperate programmers : Those that want to squeeze plenty task into short period of time without any plans on how to finish them

Jack is a desperate programmer

Mary : It took my 2hours to finish the login page for this app


Nobody in the Office

Nobody in the entire Office

Jack : I can finish it in 12.45 nanoseconds

Note : The ‘re siblings with the show-off programmers the mostly don’t finish their code in the desired time

The lazy Programmers: The Lazy programmers if u don’t understand u ‘re lazy 😒😒

James is a lazy Programmer

James : Let me finish this series of 52 season before I go back to my programming

The Unfocused Programmers : The ‘re never dedicated to a task the ‘re either watch tv while coding ,playing games while coding, read this post while coding 😁😁😁

Jake is an Unfocused Programmer

Jake : I can multi task I can have my bath and code

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